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St. Petersburg, 198035

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+7 812 714 95 41

"FLOTEXPERT. Supply and service of fleet" - professional magazine. In the journal in the form of advertisements and articles presents information about the products and services of the enterprises connected with shipbuilding and ship repair, supply and maintenance of ships, shipping. In addition to the information-advertising materials published articles, reviews and news on the following topics:

∙ safety of navigation ∙ news shipbuilding
∙ regulatory documents ∙ port news
∙ ecology
∙ international shipping, ports and terminals

Articles about companies and their products, advertising modules, systematized lowercase information, detailed description, technical characteristics, diagram, the features and benefits of your technologies, presented in the journal, will help to establish and expand business ties.
Periodicity: 1 time in 2 months
Edition: 10000 copies

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