S/C de Tenerife, 38002

+34 822 179 739

Stand G1009

Suite 3, 20 Cato Street
Victoria, 3123

+61 3 9824 6055

Baird Publications is one of the world's premier maritime publishing houses with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and a publishing subsidiary in Hong Kong.
The group runs the world-leading vessel trading platforms WorkBoatWorld.com and ShipWorld.com, and produces two monthly magazines, Work Boat World and Ausmarine.. It also presents the maritime portal BairdMaritime.com.
So, no matter whether you own, operate, design, build or supply to any kind of commercial or government vessel from tugs and trawlers to tankers, Baird Maritime is intended to serve

Stand G1009

3A, Apong Mansion, 585 LingLing Rd
., 200030

+86 21 61121271 17

Eworldship(www.eworldship.com)is a Chinese leading provider of marine industry service.

The widest information center related with shipbuilding and shipping industry: it covers all information ranges from news, technological exchanges, consultation, trade, exhibition, job recruitment to books sales.

Business Website for shipbuilding industry: Eworldship setup an e-commerce (b2b) platform (shipping category) for the equipment manufacturers to realize of information collection, online transactions, third-party impartial and value-added services. Presently there are more than 10,000 active members.

User groups: ships, marine


Europe Square 2, office 436
Moscow, 121059

+7 800 500 03 89

EXPOTRADE.RU - это передовая платформа для взаимодействия всех участников выставочного бизнеса.
Наша миссия – надежное партнерство в области деловых мероприятий и предоставление актуальной информации о ключевых событиях в каждой из отраслей бизнеса, а также обеспечение комфортной рабочей среды для эффективного делового общения.
На нашем сайте www.expotrade.ru

FLOTEXPERT Professional Specialized Magazine ФЛОТЭКСПЕРТ Профессиональной специализированный журнал

ul. Gapsalʹskaâ, d.3, of.317
St. Petersburg, 198035

+7 812 714 95 41
+7 812 714 95 41

"FLOTEXPERT. Supply and service of fleet" - professional magazine. In the journal in the form of advertisements and articles presents information about the products and services of the enterprises connected with shipbuilding and ship repair, supply and maintenance of ships, shipping. In addition to the information-advertising materials published articles, reviews and news on the following topics:

∙ safety of navigation ∙ news shipbuilding
∙ regulatory documents ∙ port news
∙ ecology
∙ international shipping, ports and terminals

Articles about companies and their products, advertising modules,

Stand G1009

c/o Maynard Heady LLP, Matrix House
Essex, SS8 9DE
United Kingdom

+44 7710 122258

Frontier Energy is the world's first publication dedicated to the international oil & gas and shipping sectors working in the Arctic and other harsh, ice-affected environments.

The magazine is accompanied by a free weekly newsletter - to subscribe please send your contact details to

GAVAN TV- Maritime TV Channel ГАВАНЬ ТВ, Морской телеканал

Russia, St.Petersburg
St.Petersburg, Russia

+7 967 531 39 01

Информационный портал "ГАВАНЬ" создан общественным Союзом предприятий водного транспорта Северо-Запада. Россия – морская держава, Санкт – Петербург – морская столица, морского телеканала – нет. Мы решили подойти к проблеме комплексно и создали: Морской информационный центр и Морской телеканал «Гавань ТВ».
Морской Информационный центр

1, Coleman St, #06-10
., 179803

+65 8123 7941


Job Portal for Shipping Marine Maritime Offshore Oil & Gas Jobs
www.globalshippingcareers.com list vacancies from prominent companies, leading recruitment organizations & crewing companies around the world.
Job seekers
Whether it is in a vibrant maritime hub such as Singapore, London, Hong Kong & Oslo or sailing in a super yacht in Mediterranean find your dream job 24/7 ease of a click.
Maritime recruiters can source talent around the globe at ease of a click by advertising vacancies with us.
Whether it is a Technical Superintendent in Singapore, Terminal operations manager in Dubai or Marine Engineer in Brazil, we connect

120 Gregoriou Lampraki Str, P.C.
Hellas, 185 32


Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide is one of the world’s leading online news source and information provider for all stakeholders of the shipping industry. Our free daily newsletter, edited six times a week, twice a day, is delivered to +28,000 maritime and business professionals in more than 185 countries globally. Based in Piraeus, Hellas and in service since 2007, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide is a “one-stop-shop” for everybody interested in shipping and all aspects affecting its

International Maritime Journal "Sea Fleet" Морской Флот, журнал

District travel, 15, building 2
Moscow, 105187

+7 495 366 62 66
+7 495 366 62 55

Information-analytical magazine "Sea Fleet" covers the activities of Russian navigation and all the processes related to marine transportation of foreign trade cargoes of the Russian Federation. Publisher - Union of Russian Shipowners (SOROSS).
The magazine is published 6 times a year with the support of the Russian Ministry of Transport and Maritime Collegium of the Russian Government. Claimed circulation - 7.5 thousand copies..
The magazine is distributed by subscription, in the form of representation lists, as well as at major international trade fairs and

Stand G1009

Windmill Suite Wimbledon Village Business Centre
London, SW19 4NG
United Kingdom

+44 20 8405 6343


JLA Media is a dynamic media agency serving the global maritime and energy industries. We specialise in solutions in media and communications based on market intelligence, from strategy planning to implementation. Our services cover PR, advertising planning and buying, event management, social media and publishing and


of. 104, 1, Zvenigorodskaya str.
St.Petersburg, 192007

+7 812 712 45 16
+7 812 712 45 16

The journal covers the engineering investigations and projection, building of different types of hydraulic engineering constructions in Russia, neighboring countries and beyond; problems of operation, maintenance, reconstruction of hydraulic engineering constructions. There are modern technologies, equipment and materials using for building, investigation, for protection and exploitation of hydraulic structures, including difficult soil and climate conditions in the pages of the magazine. ISSN

Stand G1009

Minijos g.93
Klaipėda, LT-93234

+370 610 11399

Magazine and media site Korabel.ru. Straightforwardly about shipbuilding. Журнал и интернет-портал "Корабел.ру". Честно о судостроении

Stand G2100

Mezgevoy Canal 4-306
St. Petersburg, 198035

+7 812 458 44 52
+7 812 458 44 52

Professional magazine and media site Korabel.ru covers the events in the sector of shipping, shipbuilding and all the connected aspects: from maritime business to ocean and shelf development. The audience of portal Korabel.ru is wide: shipbuilders, shipowners, workers of educational organizations, port workers, manufacturers of marine equipment and people who are interested in maritime matters.
Korabel.ru was launched in 2002. Four times a year it puts out a full-colour 100 pages long journal. Every month the web-site is visited by more than 8000 people. It has recently established new section “Trading platform” which helps customers

Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation" Журнал "Транспорт Российской Федерации"

MoskovskyProspekt, 9
St.Petersburg, 190031

+7 812 310 40 97
+7 812 310 40 97

Magazine "Transport of the Russian Federation" - the edition for heads and experts of the enterprises of a transport complex, representatives of authority; questions of development of transport system of Russia, formation of the transport logislation, the newest developments of experts in the area of transport safety, logistic, etc.The magazine is published since October, 2005, print in full color, 8000 issues, Frequency: 6 times/year.

Marine Information Agency (MIA) Морское Информационное Агентство (МИА), ООО

ul. Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, d. 11
Moscow, 123242

+7 499 254 67 20
+7 499 254 67 20

MARITIME INFORMATION AGENCY (MIA) highlights the activity of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation and covers the events of the Russian Navy and civil fleet, the situation in shipbuilding industry and topical issues of seaport and river port development.
MIA issues a magazine “Morskaya politica Rossii. Ludi. Sobytiya. Facty” (“Marine politics of Russia. People. Events. Facts”). This is an official press organ of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian

Maritime Business North-West Magazine Морской бизнес Северо-Запада Журнал

Russia, St.Petersburg
St.Petersburg, Russia

+7 812 331 94 00
+7 812 331 94 00

Информационно-аналитическое издание, комплексно отражающее состояние и развитие морской отрасли России с учетом всех смежных сегментов, включая вопросы законодательства, судостроения, судоходства, снабжения флота, транспортно-логистическую составляющую, проблемы безопасности и экологии, а также науку и образование, водный туризм и многое другое.

Maritime Gazette Journal Морской вестник Журнал

nab.r.Moyki, d.84, lit.B, pom.13N
St Petersburg, 190000

+7 812 600 4586
+7 812 600 4586

The magazine "Maritime Bulletin" was established in 2001. Publishers' Mor West "
Frequency: 4 times a year (March, June, September, December)
Format: A4 (210h290)
Circulation: 1000 copies.
Language: Russian and English
Subjects: informational, analytical, scientific, technical and historical articles on the shipbuilding and ship repair, engines, equipment and management systems, the ship's electronic weapons and electronic systems, marine engineering and technology, environmental safety, shipbuilding and shipping, industrial safety, ocean and shelf development, navigation and hydrography, navigation safety, naval history and

Maritime Market, Information Analytical Magazine Морская Биржа, информационно-аналитический журнал

Office 108, 5, 4th Predportovy proezd
Saint Petersburg, 196240

+7 812 336 31 30
+7 812 336 31 32

ISSN 1817-812Х
Quarterly magazine, published since 2002.
Featured topics: “Shipbuilding”, “Shipping”, “Ports”, “Ocean and Shelf Exploration”.
"Maritime Market" Magazine is targeted at shipping companies managers, shipbuilding and research specialists, port officials, maritime equipment manufacturers, visitors to marine exhibitions as well as wide range of audience interested in marine issues.
Area of distribution – Russia and worldwide. Circulation: 3000 copies, 80 pages
Languages: Russian and English

Neftegaz.RU, Agency Neftegaz.RU, Агентство

str. Tverskaya, 18/1, office. 812
Moscow, 127006

+7 495 650 14 82

Neftegaz.RU. since the year 2000 is a leading information Agency at oil and gas market offering information for energy complex, oil, gas and oil chemistry industry professionals. The database contains more than 29,000 enterprises, more than 153,000 product names, technical library and the unique photo bank.
The business magazine Neftegaz.RU is a monthly edition for energy complex of 8000

132 Syngrou Avenue
Athens, 117 45

+30 210 9214205
+30 210 9214675

For 60 years, Naftiliaki Greek Shipping Review has been a prime source of objective, reliable and up-to-date information on the Greek maritime marketplace. To meet the demands of the market, the same group runs a live website, which for almost 20 years is published as the weekly e-mail newsletter, Newsfront Greek Shipping Intelligence.
The Naftiliaki group is skilled in creating and producing professional newsletters, brochures and publications for third parties; it is also experienced media and event consultants.
Naftiliaki / Newsfront helped locally to organize annual meetings of these bodies when held in Greece: ISU - Intertanko -


Rossolimo 17
Moscow, 119435

+7 499 2298587
+7 499 2298587

PRO-ARCTIC.RU is an independent information and analytical web portal devoted to
rational and responsible development of resources in the Arctic.
The portal is as an open platform for discussion to share experience of both Russian and international experts
on the most pressing questions related to the development of resources in the Far North.
Visitors can review the latest news, learn about new technologies applied in severe conditions of the Arctic as well as read
interviews of the leading experts in this

Publishing company "Marine Petersburg" Издательская компания "Морской Петербург"

Dobrolyubova Avenue, 11
St.Petersburg, 197198

+7 812 230 94 53
+7 812 230 94 53

ООО «Морской Петербург» специализируется на издательской деятельности, а также на организации и проведении конференций и круглых столов по морской тематике. Компания проводит информационно-аналитические исследования по морской и портовой деятельности, изготавливает календари, листовки, брошюры и буклеты.
Творческий коллектив компании "Морской

RHYTHM of machinery, Magazine РИТМ машиностроения Журнал

P.O., box 31
Moscow, 125190

+7 499 559 99 98
+7 499 559 99 98

• Circulation: 10 000 copies.
• Magazine is issued 10 times a year (since 2002). Format A4
• Free highly effective mailing to specialized businesses.
•Free distribution on exhibitions
Important information for engineering auditory.
• Actual information for

RZD-Partner РЖД-Партнер

Fontanka Embankment, 117, office. 37
St.Petersburg, 190031

+7 812 418 34 95
+7 812 418 34 90

The RZD-Partner is the leading transport business edition in Russia. It has been published since 1998. The main objective of the magazine is to meet the information needs of transport market players and guide the readers through the major events and trends of the sector.

RZD-Partner project includes:
• RZD-Partner magazine in Russian
• The RZD-Partner magazine in English
• The RZD-Partner magazine in Chinese
• RZD-Partner.Ru Information

Ballindamm 17
Hamburg, 20099

+49 040 70 70 80 02

HANSA International Maritime Journal
For 153 years HANSA has been one of the leading magazines for the maritime industry and it is the oldest journal of its kind in Europe. Founded in 1864, HANSA has been continuously enhanced to a modern, contemporary magazine. Today, the monthly is a trusted source of information for decision makers in the maritime industry and provides in-depth and unrivalled analyses and insights covering newest developments and trends in shipping, ship technology, port operations, logistics, law and tax, in the offshore sector and the insurance business as well as in ship financing – always up-to-date and technically


52A, Marshala Govorova Str.
St.Petersburg, 198095

+7 812 380 38 26
+7 812 380 38 26

SeaNews Information & Consulting:
- source of transport information
- daily newsletters
- analytics / statistics – weekly bulletin, quarterly and annual market reports;
- Freight.ru

Sea News of Russia Newspaper Морские вести России , газета

District Passage, 15, Building 2
Moscow, 105187

+7 495 366 62 66
+7 495 366 62 55

The newspaper "Maritime News of Russia" published by the Union of Russian Shipowners (SOROSS) with the support of the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) and the Maritime Board under the Government of the Russian edition 9 thousand. Copies out 1-2 times a month. Distributed by subscription and as a representative mailings "on the table head."
Among the recipients and subscribers of the newspaper heads of federal bodies of executive and legislative authorities, departmental bodies, administrations of coastal regions and major port transportation hubs, maritime transport enterprises and partner organizations -

Rihtim Cad. Derya Is Merkezi
Istanbul, 34716

+90 534 684 01 05
+90 216 330 24 70


Maritime Sector Media Group.

Sea Ports Magazine Морские порты журнал

Окружной проезд, д.15, корп. 2
Moscow, 105187

+7 495 366 62 66
+7 495 366 62 55

Информационно-аналитический журнал «Морские порты» издается с 1997 года.
Освещает деятельность российского портового комплекса и всех процессов, связанных с международными перевозками внешнеторговых и транзитных грузов через морские порты России.
Издатели - Ассоциация морских торговых портов (АСОП) и ФГУП «Росморпорт». Журнал выходит 10 раз в год

c/o Publico Oy
Helsinki, FI-00510

+358 020 162 2200

Setcorp.ru - Online Supplement to 'Maritime Market' journal Судостроение. Энергетика. Транспорт. Интернет-Портал, он-лайн приложение к журналу «Морская биржа»

4th Predportovy travel, d. 5, office 108
St.Petersburg, 196240

+7 812 336 31 30
+7 812 336 31 32

ETCORP.ru - daily news shipbuilding, energy, transport. Selected topics are published in the journal "Maritime Market" in the section "Company News - quarterly report."
"Print-Expo" is the owner of the Internet portal "Shipbuilding. Energy. Transport ", carries out its technical support and information saturation.
"Print-Expo" - the founder and publisher of the information-analytical magazine "Maritime Market". This full-color quarterly business publication dedicated to the marine industry in Russia and abroad. The magazine is published since 2002. It has four permanent headings: "Shipbuilding", "Navigation", "port activities" and "Ocean

c/o elaborate communications
Bucks, HP22 4LW
United Kingdom

+44 1296 682051

Stand G1009

c/o DVV Media Group GmbH
Hamburg, D-20097

+49 40 237 1401

Ship&Offshore (English language) and Schiff&Hafen (German language), published by the DVV Media Group, provide specialist information on shipping, shipbuilding, ship and offshore technology as well as port and maritime infrastructure. Our aim is to offer our readers and partners the best journalistic media quality and the best recognised media for

SUDOSTROENIE.INFO Shipbuilding web-portal. Everything about shipbuilding Интернет-портал SUDOSTROENIE.INFO (СУДОСТРОЕНИЕ.ИНФО). Все о судостроении.

pl. Al. Nevsky, 2, BC "Moscow", of.1210
St.Petersburg, 191167

+7 812 676 02 26
+7 812 676 02 26

Новостной портал Sudostroenie.info – это уникальная площадка для информирования читателей о важнейших событиях и тенденциях в судостроительной отрасли как в России, так и за рубежом. Цель проекта – способствовать развитию отечественного речного и морского

Tarpon-Media, Ltd ТАРПОН, журнал (издательство «Тарпон-Медиа»)

Stand G7248

Peter Kosa, 7
St.Petersburg, 197110

+7 812 320 0693
+7 812 327 4582

The magazine for those who sails 'small vessels', anyone with an interest and great relish spends free time on boats, motor boats and yachts.
For those who admires them and builds them, travels and participates in the

The international sea magazine "SHIPPING" Международный морской журнал "СУДОХОДСТВО"

str.Zhukovskogo 15
Odessa, 65026

+7 38 0482 355999
+7 38 0482 355999

The international sea magazine «SHIPPING» – specialized periodical, which covers the issues of Ukrainian and world shipping development, shipbuilding, logistics, sea and river ports’ work, the activities of sea transport enterprises of different proprietary form.
The main sections of the magazine are focused on the shipping companies, water carriers, investment into sea/river ports and cargo terminals development, the container and freight markets' performance issues.
Materials are published in English and Russian languages. The volume of each issue is 68 pages. We offer a full cycle of advertising services, including the

Caspian Media, Unit G4
London, SW10 0XD
United Kingdom

+44207 045 7578


The Marine Professional is the IMarEST's member magazine looking at the complex technical intersections of the maritime, offshore and science agendas. It is published on a monthly basis and available in digital and

3200 South Andrews Avenue, Suite 100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
United States

+1 954 848 9955

8-9 Northumberland Street
London, WC2N 5DA
United Kingdom

+44 020 7235 4622

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