Nametkina st. 10 b
Moscow, Russia

+7 495 363 56 69
+7 495 363 56 69

The company AKRUS® is:
development and production of protective anticorrosion paint materials of the brand AKRUS® for industrial use, applied in such areas as marine, civil and infrastructure construction, road construction, bridge construction; the implementation of specialized contracting works for the application of industrial paint for corrosion protection, fire protection, thermal insulation in industrial construction.

Our company has its own production base, contracted capacities and a complex of specialized equipment. The technical and production potential of the company allows us to be bold and resolute in development, set new goals and implement them.

We provide stable quality and durable protection for many years of operation of facilities in real industrial conditions. Highly qualified personnel have the necessary experience at work.

Knowledge of international standards, successful work experience in foreign and Russian facilities guarantees a high level of work quality, compliance with deadlines and fulfillment of obligations.

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