NEVA 2019

The 15th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia

17 – 20 September, St Petersburg, Russia

Since 1991, the NEVA Programmes have continuously supported the accelerating expansion of Russia’s commercial maritime industries, promoting their development opportunities, products, services, designers and manufacturers, and their cooperation with world-wide shipping and trade. NEVA is proudly supported by decree from the Russian Federation as the premier commercial maritime B2B event in Russia, continuing to strengthen ties between the Russian National Shipbuilders and International companies. NEVA 2019 takes place once again at Expoforum’s premier Exhibition and Conference Complex near Pulkovo International Airport, accommodating increasing demand for exhibition space while providing the perfect platform for International participants to benefit from massive opportunities within the rapidly developing Russian market.

Welcome to NEVA 2019


The 14th International Exhibition & 6th International Conference for Russian Ports and Shipping

17 – 20 September, St Petersburg, Russia

TRANSTEC 2019 welcomes participants to explore developments in Russian Inland and Sea ports. The 14th International Ports and Shipping Exhibition will run beside the 6th International Conference on Ports and Shipping – “The Future of Russian Ports & Shipping”, within the programme of NEVA 2019.  The Programme covers strategic linking of sea, river, coastal and shipping with the rail, road and air transport infrastructure in the Russian Federation. With more than 60% of Russian foreign trade carried by sea transport, the priorities are to increase port capacity, construct new port facilities, develop road / rail infrastructure and superstructure in approaches to ports and to develop logistics centres, presenting the International community with an open door to participate and benefit from these strategic redevelopments.

Welcome to TRANSTEC 2019