Expoforum Convention & Exhibition Complex
Building 1, Peterburgskoe Shosse 64
Shushary Village, Pushkin Area
St. Petersburg, Russia

NEVA 2017 will occupy Halls F and G

Please note the Expoforum Convention And Exhibition Centre is designated a “NO SMOKING” zone at all times.

Transport Access:

  • 5 minutes from Pulkovo Airport
  • 5 minutes from the St. Petersburg Ring Road
  • 15 minutes from two metro stations
  • 30 minutes from the historical city centre

Expoforum visitors have several transport options:

  • Personal vehicle
  • City bus No187 or fixed-route taxi K545, K299 from Moskovskaya Metro Station
  • EXPOFORUM free buses during the events: from Kirovskiy Zavod Metro Station (each 20 minutes) from Moskovskaya metro station (each 15 minutes) from Pulkovo Airport (during the major international conventions)


 Where to find us during NEVA 2017:
  • All International Exhibitors should register on arrival at Expoforum with the Dolphin Exhibitions Information Desk, located in the main Passage in front of Halls F and G.
  • Dolphin Exhibitions Organisers Office will be located in Hall G, Stand G1003.
  • The Press Office with Media Centre (publication distribution) will be located in Hall G, Stand G1001.
  • The Office of the Transport, Forwarding, Customs and Onsite Handling services On-Site Sweden AB will be located in Hall G, Stand G1002.

Registration Policy:
Please note the following policies which apply to all NEVA Exhibition & Conference Programme participants:
  1. All companies that require exhibition or conference room space, or are participating as conference delegates or sub-exhibitors at NEVA are required to complete registration.
  2. Registration is mandatory as it also fulfils a primary duty of the Organiser to ensure that access to the Exhibition Halls and Conference Room areas is security controlled by named attendee during all NEVA operating hours.
  3. The Conference programme is open to Exhibitors free of charge as a condition and benefit of their participation.
  4. Free access to Exhibition Halls is granted as part of registration as an exhibitor, conference organiser or delegate.
  5. Pricing and application information for conference session registration is available on the NEVA 2017 Conference Registration & Access page
  6. Registration includes: The Registration Fee covers all administrative costs associated with Exhibitor / Conference Organiser registration processing, stand or room planning, a basic catalogue entry, visitor invitations, exhibition badges, website press release service, customised web page with full colour logo and a copy of the printed catalogue for each Exhibitor / Sub-Exhibitor / Conference Delegate / Conference Organiser.

Exhibition Dates and Opening Hours:
Exhibitors / Contractors / On-Site Shipping:

Expoforum Convention And Exhibition Centre Pavilions F & G

Period of Mounting:
15 – 17 September 09:00 – 22:00
18 September 09:00 – 24:00

Period of Exhibition:
19 – 21 September 09:00 – 18:00
22 September 09:00 – 17:00

Period of Dismantling:
22 September 17:00 – 24:00
23 September 00:00 – 24:00 (24 hours)


Expoforum Convention And Exhibition Centre Pavilions F & G

19 – 21 September 10:00 – 18:00
22 September 10:00 – 16:00

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Shipping, Cargo, Customs and Onsite Handling:

On-Site Sweden AB are appointed as the sole official and exclusive freight forwarder for NEVA 2017, responsible for Shipping, Handling & Cargo at the fairground.

On-Site’s NEVA 2017 Shipping Manual will assist you in your preparations for the correct and timely dispatch  of your consignments to NEVA 2017. Please therefore read the guidelines carefully and contact:

On-Site Sweden AB
Norra Gubberogatan 30
416 63 Gothenburg, Sweden
Phone: +46 31 707 30 70
Fax: +46 31 707 30 75
E-mail: neva@onsitegroup.se


NEVA 2017 Caramel Catering Menus & Services

Catering is provided by Caramel Catering Co, St Petersburg.  For individual orders for Catering and Stand Supply Service at the Expoforum Exhibition Complex during NEVA 2017 Exhibition and Conferences please contact in advance:

“Caramel Catering” LLC
Expoforum Con
Bolshoi Prospekt. V.O., 103, Saint-Petersburg, Russia,199106
E-mail: info@caramel-catering.ru
Tel: +7 931 227 26 35
Skype: caramel-catering

Mr. Shubin Igor
Catering Events Department Director
Теl: +7 921 9189398
E-mail : 9189398@gmail.com

Mr. Sheveliov Evgeny
Теl:+ 7 911 7008676
E-mail : 7008676@gmail.com



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Catalogue Advertising:

Advertising in the NEVA 2017 Official Exhibition Catalogue will improve market awareness of your products and services during the two years between NEVA 2017 and NEVA 2019.

  • Secure your position within the Official NEVA 2017 Catalogue, highlighting your organisation as part of the premier B2B commercial maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia.
  • Over 15,000 visitors are expected this year. The electronic Catalogue is circulated to all industry professionals as a permanent reference book which provides contact details and product information of the leading Shipping, Shipbuilding, Ships Equipment, Offshore Energy, Ports and Inland Waterways companies in the Russian market.
  • The printed catalogue is distributed to all Exhibitors and participants in the Conference & Seminar Programmes.
  • The NEVA 2017 Official Exhibition Catalogue will reach over 15,000 on-line circulation to marine industry & related sector professionals and will be published on the website as a permanent archive.

Closing date for Booking & Materials is 18 August 2017.

Please see the NEVA 2017 Catalogue Advertising Booking Form For full details.

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NEVA Exhibitor Services Online:
Submit Exhibitor Web Entries, Printed Catalogue Entries, Name Badge & Visitor Invitation Requests

Exhibition Stand Managers and Pavilion Coordinators will receive a NEVA 2017 Exhibition Services account activation email when participating at NEVA for the first time.  This provides access to the NEVA Exhibition Services web app, where all exhibitor information is submitted to the organisers.  If you participated in NEVA 2015 and your email address is the same, your NEVA 2017 Exhibition Services account is already activated.  If your email address has changed, please notify the NEVA 2017 Support Team at info@dolphin-exhibtions.com so they can create a new account.

If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it here.

Please log in to the NEVA 2017 Exhibition Services portal and complete all required fields on the Web Entry, Catalogue Entry, Badges and Invitations tabs of your Stand(s) before the respective deadlines.  Shell Scheme stand participants must also complete the Fascia tab.

All required exhibitor information must be submitted online by the following deadlines:

  • Catalogue Entries: before Friday 28 July, 2017
  • Name Badges: before Friday 18 August, 2017
  • Visitor Invitations: before Friday 18 August, 2017

If you require support or assistance while completing the above tasks in the NEVA 2017 Exhibition Services portal, send your query directly to the NEVA 2017 Support Team at info@dolphin-exhibtions.com .

Stand Construction, Furniture, Equipment and Technical Exhibition Services:

The official NEVA 2017 Technical Coordinator & General Contractor authorised to supply Stand Design, Construction, Furniture, Equipment and Technical Exhibition Services for NEVA 2017 exhibitors is in-house contractor Expoforum-Design Ltd, herein referred to as EF Design Ltd.


Expoforum-Design Ltd
Expoforum Convention and Exhibition Centre
Peterburgskoe sh. 64, building 1, lit. A
Shushary, 196140, St Petersburg, Russia

Please note:  It is a condition of participation as a NEVA 2017 exhibitor that all orders for Stand Design, Construction, Furniture, Equipment and Technical Exhibition Services are processed and accredited by EF Design Ltd on behalf of Dolphin Exhibitions Ltd.  3rd Party contractors may be nominated and accredited only by application for services via EF Design Ltd as the NEVA 2017 General Contractor.


Standard Shell Scheme Department & NEVA 2107 Technical Project Coordinator Lead
Ms Irina Grigorievykh
Phone: +7 (812) 245 04 44, ext. 479
Mob. : +7 (931) 350 09 01

Custom Stand Build department
Ms Ekaterina Baskina
Phone: +7 (812) 245 04 44, ext. 435

Ms Sophia Kudrova
Phone: +7 (812) 245 0444 ext. 489
Mob. +7 921 091 65 89
Mob. +7 911 987 44 41

NEVA 2017 EF Design – Equipment & Technical Services Order Form

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All Prices are in Euros per unit and subject to 18% VAT
  2. Dimensions are in centimetres if not otherwise specified
  3. *Position of item described on order form is optional upon request
  4. See product images at EF Design Equipment Catalogue website: http://ef-design.ru/eng/products
  5. Email orders & queries regarding Custom Stand Design to: Ms Ekaterina Baskina, Phone: +7 (812) 245-04-44, add. 435, baskina@ef-design.ru
  6. Email orders & queries regarding Shell Scheme additional services orders to: Ms Irina Grigorievykh, Phone: +7 (812) 245-04-44, add. 479, irinag@ef-design.ru.
  7. Cc: all communications regarding orders to info@dolphin-exhibitions.com
  8. Order Deadline: All orders must be received by EF Design Ltd on or before 18 AUGUST 2017
  9. Orders received after the deadline will be subject to a 50% surcharge.
  10. Orders received during the period of mounting and the four-day exhibition periods are subject to availability and a 70% surcharge.
  11. Orders for all EF Design Ltd services will be supplied and invoiced directly by EF Design Ltd, St Petersburg, Russia

Shell Scheme Stands:
  • Minimum order is 12 square metres

The following items are included in the Standard Shell Scheme:

  • Surrounding walls (white) elements on three sides
  • White fascia board with the exhibitor’s name and stand number only (all other promotional materials including such as graphics and logos etc are prohibited for placement on fascia)
  • Blue carpet flooring throughout
  • One spotlight per 5 square metres, with a minimum of 2 spotlights per stand
  • One electrical socket per 9 square metres.  Power supply 1500 Watts.
  • One-time daily stand cleaning including removal of small waste during 19 – 22 September, 2017

The depth (front to rear) of the Standard Shell-Scheme Stands is either 3m or 4m. Corner Stands are constructed with two sides open to visitor corridors.

Standard wall panels are white: Coloured foils for wall panels are available by special order.

Exhibition Halls F & G have a maximum ceiling height of 6 metres.

To ensure the layout of your stand meets your specifications, please attach a detailed drawing showing the positions of all connections, equipment and furniture with your equipment orders.

These drawings/plans must be received by the NEVA 2017 Technical Coordinator & Stand Builder: EF Design Ltd Company, St. Petersburg, before Friday 18 August, 2017.

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Non-Shell Space Only Stands:


Exhibitors who have ordered Exhibition Space Only (without construction) should present full technical documentation, covering all technical work to the NEVA 2017 Technical Coordinator & Stand Builder: EF Design Ltd Company. Permission for set-up and design works will be issued subject to an expert review of technical documentation for the stand, carried out on a commercial basis. Set-up may be carried out only by Exhibitors and Contractors which have obtained the written accreditation document.

For questions regarding the execution and approval of this document, please contact: NEVA 2017 Technical Coordinator & Stand Builder: EF Design Ltd Company

Detailed drawings/plans should be submitted along with the name and contact details of your Stand Contractor to the NEVA 2017 Technical Coordinator & Stand Builder: EF Design LtdCompany, St. Petersburg, before Friday 18 August, 2017.

Double decker stands have to be booked and paid through the Space Application Form at 50% of the ground floor Space price. Construction of double decker stands will only be permitted with the Organiser Dolphin Exhibitions approval.

Delays in construction may occur if these specifications are not received. The drawings/plans should show:

  1. Building height of the Stand: Construction height of 2.5 metres may be exceeded with permission in writing from the Organiser Dolphin Exhibitions. Maximum height in every Hall is 6 metres.
  2. Design of all exterior walls (open/closed) of the Stand. Company names, logos and graphics are not permitted on the external side of walls overlooking neighbouring stands. The reverse side of your wall/s visible from corridors and also if it overlooks the height of neighbouring stands (2.5 metres shell scheme) must be of neat and clean appearance. If an exterior wall overlooks an adjoining or neighbouring stand, then these walls should be finished in plain white without decoration or logos.
  3. For the safety of visitors to the exhibition, all doors to store rooms, offices and other entrances must open into the stand area and NOT onto the visitor corridors.
  4. Positions of all electrical connections (showing Kwt required for each connection), also all water/waste, telephone, fax and computer connections.
  5. Position of all heavy or fixed equipment and furniture: The stand structures (including spotlights, flags, and decorative elements) may NOT exceed the boundaries of the stand area.
  6. Exhibitors should fully inform their stand contractor/builder about the Exhibition Timetable and all Rules concerning stand building and the installation of equipment.
  7. Each stand must be completed with a floor covering (e.g., carpet) and also rear and side walls of a minimum height of 250 cm.
  8. The open sides of the stand according to the Space Application Form and general floor plan of the exhibition should NOT be closed by the exhibitor without permission in writing from the Organiser Dolphin Exhibitions.
  9. Stand designs should not block access to any Emergency Services.
Requirements for Stand Design at NEVA 2017

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General Insurances:

The Organisers shall not be held responsible for loss or damage to exhibits and other articles in the possession of Exhibitors, or for injury or loss to the personnel of Exhibiting Companies.

All Exhibitors shall insure, indemnify and hold harmless, the Organisers and their employees and agents in respect of damage or loss caused by the Exhibitors, their Stand Equipment and Employees to third parties.

Exhibitors are required to hold General Insurance of minimum Euros 500,000 against the negligence of their employees and agents towards third parties. The Organisers shall not be liable for losses sustained by the Exhibitors attributable to the cancellation, suspension or postponement of the Exhibition. On these occasions, Fees and Rentals paid to the Organisers may be refunded at the sole discretion of the Organisers.

Car Parking & Vehicle Passes:

The cars and trucks of exhibitors and their contractors may enter the Expoforum Exhibition Complex without charge during the days of Exhibition construction (mounting) and dismantling. For Security purposes each vehicle should display an Official Pass carrying the registration details. This Pass may be obtained from the Organiser.


Summary of Deadlines:

Submit your Orders for additional services by logging into NEVA 2017 Stand Services at: app.nevaevents.com.

Please note: Provision of services cannot be guaranteed if details are not completed before deadlines.

Friday 28 July, 2017:  All Catalogue Entries must be submitted to Dolphin Exhibitions before this date.

Friday 18 August, 2017:  Stand Construction, Furniture, Equipment and Exhibition Services Orders and all drawings and accreditation applications must be submitted to EF Design Ltd Company before this date.

Friday 18 August 2017: All Exhibitor Badges, Visitor Invitation requests and Catalogue Advertisements must be submitted before this date.

Cancellations of Exhibition Space, Stand Construction, Equipment and Services:
  • Provide written notice of cancellation on company letterhead signed by the NEVA 2017 Application for Exhibition Space signatory
  • Include mitigating circumstances for cancellation and email the scanned letter to the organisers: info@dolphin-exhibitions.com
  • Limitation of Refunds:
    • After the signed NEVA 2017 Application for Exhibition Space is sent by the applicant & confirmation of reservation is returned to the applicant by Organisers, the Exhibitor Registration fee non-refundable.
    • After Friday 31 March 2017: Registration fee + 35% Deposit is non-refundable; 65% balance is refunded if space is re-sold to another participant.
    • After Friday 9 June 2017: 100% of all fees and rentals are non-refundable, without exception.

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NEVA Programme Supporting Organisations: