Conference Hall and Meeting Room access and availability during NEVA 2017

NEVA 2017 participants are welcomed to attend and contribute to the comprehensive profile of industry sectors covered by the NEVA 2017 Conference Programme.  Please contact individual Conference Session Organisers as listed in the Programme to pre-register for attendance in advance.

The NEVA 2017 Conference Halls and Meeting Rooms are conveniently located on the second floor between Exhibition Halls F, G and H.  Access is via stairs from the main passage at the front of the facility.  Please see below for overview and detailed views of the room locations.

NEVA 2017 Conference Hall Map - Overview - EN NEVA 2017 Conference Hall Map – Overview


Register as a NEVA 2017 Conference Session Organiser

  1. Review the NEVA 2017 Conference Programme and Detailed Plan of meeting rooms available between Halls F, G and H to find conference room availability on your required date(s) and time(s).
  2. Complete the NEVA 2017 Application For Conference Session Registration with the required number of companies in the quantity field, noting the date, start / finish times and requested conference room number for your session.  If more than one company will take part in coordination with the session organiser, please also complete the NEVA 2017 Conference Session Participants spreadsheet with all additional company details and return with the completed application form.
  3. Review the NEVA 2017 Standard Configuration of Conference Halls above to ensure furniture suitability for your event.  Submit furniture configuration change requests to
  4. Send your completed application form(s) to and be sure to include any additional services required such as specific furniture configuration or room layout, additional furniture, AV equipment or translation services.
  5. Catering is ordered and supplied by Caramel Catering Co, St Petersburg, who are based on site at Expoforum.
  6. Sessions are approved at the sole discretion of the Organisers.




NEVA Programme Supporting Organisations: