Head of the Federal Agency for Russian Federation Fisheries Joins NEVA 2017 Organising Committee

May 22, 2017

The Department of State Policy for Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federal Agency for Fisheries ( ROSRYBOLOVSTVO ) nominates Deputy Minister of Agriculture the Russian Federation, Head of the Federal agency for Fishery Shestakov Ilya Vasilyevich to join the NEVA 2017 Organising Committee as Co-Chair.

Since 1995, the NEVA Profile has included subjects for the construction and modernisation of the fishing fleet, production of fishing industry marine equipment and the modernisation of infrastructure and superstructure of fishing ports.

For NEVA’s 2017 edition, given the current revitalisation of Russia’s Fishery Fleet and the recent addition of official NEVA support from the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing Industry topical coverage within the NEVA Programme has been greatly expanded to include:

Research Vessels for the World’s Oceans * Research Vessels for Exclusive Economic Zones * Small, Medium & Large Fishing / Freezer Trawlers * Small Fishing Vessels * Live Fish Carriers * Refrigeration Vessels * Floating Stations / Motherships for Small Trawlers * Refrigerated Floating Stations / Motherships * Vessels for the Protection of Biological Resources * Fishing equipment, industrial equipment * On-board Fishery Equipment * Fishing Agriculture Equipment * Construction, Modernisation and Equipment for Fishing Ports * Coastal storage, processing and transport of chilled and refrigerated cargoes * Preparation & training of trawler crews, Employee management * Institutes, Centres and  Scientific Development

Among others, Innovation Norway in collaboration with the Norwegian Russian Chamber of Commerce are focusing heavily on the above topics within their considerable Norwegian Pavilion presence and the entrance to NEVA’s Exhibition Hall F, showing initiative in recognising the great opportunity within the new-build and equipment pipeline that will be required to fulfil Russian requirements.

The NEVA Conferences also play host and provide a forum for the above agenda and opportunities,  as on September 21, 2017  the 2nd International Conference “Renewing the Fishery and Fish Research Fleet: Development of Shipbuilding, Ship Machinery and Equipment Production for the Fishery Industry” takes place in Conference Hall H25 – H27.  The Organisers are JSC Shipbuilding & Ship Repair Technology Centre and Vostok Design Bureau.  Contact: Mrs Marina Bocharnikova, SSTC Marketing Head, +7 812 786 05 22, info@sstc.spb.ru to arrange attendance in advance.